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  • 5 reasons to visit Leavenworth this Spring

    Visit Leavenworth SPONSORED — With its iconic holiday lighting and festive sleigh rides, Leavenworth has a reputation as the state’s most iconic winter wonderland. But when the snow melts and the flowers bloom, the Bavarian village is just as happy to “willkommen” you with open arms – and plenty of fun. This spring, Leavenworth has […]
  • 5 things to consider when buying blinds

    Budget Blinds SPONSORED — When it comes to your home, windows are the, well, windows to its soul. So if it’s time to treat your home to a facelift, choosing blinds is an important part of that process. Before you start perusing warehouses and showrooms, there are a few things you should know about shopping […]
  • Can a doctor tell what is wrong with you just by looking at you?

    By Gordon Cohen MD PhD FACS, Chief Medical Officer at PRO Sports Club 20/20 Lifestyles SPONSORED — When you go to medical school, one of the first things you learn is how to do a core physical diagnosis. It is about both listening to your patient and examining your patient. That is part of the […]
  • What you need to know about the stock market roller coaster

    Visit Online Trading Academy Sign Up For a Free Class Now! SPONSORED — Whether it’s in love or in the stock market, falling hard is never easy. And for investors, Jan. 30 through Feb. 5 was a rough tumble. If you were surprised by this, don’t feel bad; even your fund managers were caught off […]
  • 5 things to do in Anacortes this spring

    Visit Anacortes SPONSORED — From sea to shining sea, there’s no end of activities on this island. If you’re looking to have a spring fling — or an all-out vacation — make sure Anacortes is on your list of destinations. From world-class hiking trails to endless scenic beauty, this small sea village offers everything you […]
  • Hometown Hero: Brian Zillmer

    NOMINATE your Hometown Hero WSECU SPONSORED — Washington State Patrol Trooper Brian Zillmer starts his day in the comfort of his own home. He dons himself with a ballistic vest, his neatly pressed uniform and polished boots, his twenty-pound duty belt, steps into his car and immediately tells his dispatcher he’s on duty. He has […]
  • 2 steps Puget Sound employers can take now to prevent workplace harassment

    Ryan Swanson Law Find an attorney SPONSORED — If the #MeToo movement has you worrying about your employees thinking, well, you’re not alone. Workplace discrimination and harassment aren’t just topics for awards shows and daily newscasts. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, 30 percent of women have experienced unwanted sexual advances at work. Of […]
  • The mattress material myth you shouldn’t believe

    Bedrooms and More SPONSORED — You’ve heard the claim before: X mattress company has discovered a new and innovative material that will completely revolutionize your sleep. Before you kiss your sleep aids goodbye and settle in for what you assume will be the most amazing night’s sleep of your life, it’s probably time to take […]
  • What’s better than competing in the Winter Games?

    Heritage Distilling SPONSORED — Watching someone else do it while sipping a cocktail in the warmth of your own home surrounded by friends who are watching – and hopefully cheering – some of the bravest athletes in the world showcase their bravery and skill. From the guts of downhill ski racing, the artistry of figure […]
  • 6 things you should know about reverse mortgages

    Kiel Mortgage Reverse Mortgage at Kiel SPONSORED — Got retirement anxiety? If you’re worried about your financial future, it might be time to see things in reverse – through a reverse mortgage, that is. While there are many misconceptions about reverse mortgages, this wealth-building tool could help you secure your financial future. Here’s what you […]