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  • Weekend road closures: Highway 2 and beyond

    A warm, dry weekend can only mean  one thing: road construction. And since those are rare in these parts, construction crews are taking full advantage and cramming as much work as possible into the weekends.
  • tunnel, bellevue

    Sound Transit celebrating Bellevue light rail tunnel milestone

    Sound Transit is celebrating the excavation of its downtown Bellevue tunnel that will eventually provide a path for the East Link light rail line.
  • Is Kitsap County’s passenger-only ferry worth the investment?

    The risky experiment of running fast ferry service from Kitsap County to Seattle is now a year old. Has it been worth the investment?
  • tolls, I-405, tolled roads

    Gov. Inslee gives Inslee-style answer to tolling question

    With more tolls coming, we ask Gov. Jay Inslee if tolling is the new norm when it comes to funding transportation projects ...
  • seattle tunnel toll

    State favors charging as much as $2.25 to use Seattle’s new tunnel

    The Washington State Transportation Commission has moved forward a plan to toll drivers -- to use Seattle's new SR99 tunnel. But the decision is not final yet.
  • distracted driving

    Distracted driving one year into tougher restrictions

    It's been just about a year since the new distracted driving law went into effect, but there seems to be the same amount of people on their phones as before.
  • State to narrow down SR 99 tunnel toll rate

    We will soon have a better idea of how much drivers will pay to use the new SR 99 tunnel under Seattle when it opens.
  • Seattle streetcar

    City continues to demand answers on Seattle streetcar

    Hopes for an expanded Seattle streetcar system have been strained as a series of revelations this year continue to display how expensive the current system, and construction on a new line, has become.
  • washington state ferries

    Washington State Ferries vs crab pots: The price of the conflict

    Crab pots tangled in Washington State Ferries have been causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and forcing officials to pull ferries from service.
  • road closures

    Weekend road closures: Delays on nearly every major highway

    Impact will be felt on every road, and every alternate route for two closures and some other roadwork projects this weekend.